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AHA ECG & Pharmacology

AHA ECG & Pharmacology

This course is for healthcare professionals who participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies. This includes personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care and critical care units such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others who require this specialized knowledge for their job.

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A certificate of completion is provided upon successful completion of this course; this course does not offer an AHA course completion card.

Class Overview

ECG recognition skills and drug treatment knowledge have been identified as key gaps in knowledge for healthcare providers. ECG & Pharmacology is a classroom-based course that the AHA has developed to bridge these gaps.


Objectives for the ECG module:

  • Explain heart anatomy and basic electrophysiology
  • Explain normal ECG measurements
  • Recognize and understand basic arrhythmias

Objectives for the Pharmacology module:

  • Know basic ACLS drugs and usage
  • Understand drugs, doses and routes of administration during cardiovascular emergencies
  • Learn to integrate basic drug pharmacology into ACLS algorithms

Topics Covered

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Basic electrophysiology
  • Normal ECG measurements
  • Basic arrhythmias
  • Administration of appropriate drugs within the ACLS algorithms

Class FAQ

How long is this course?

The ECG & Pharmacology course is competed when the participants have mastered the course information. Typically, this takes 16 hours/ 2 days.


Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate that is valid for 2 years. Students receive a completion certificate after completing the ECG module, Pharmacology module or both combined.


What are the pre-requisites?

There are no pre-requisites for this course.


Do you offer this course in any language other than English?

This course is only offered in English.


How many students will be in the classroom?

The maximum number of students per instructor for this course is 12.


Where can I purchase books for the course?

The course book is included in the price of the course. Pick up the course book prior to the day of the course to give yourself sufficient time to prepare for the course.

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